I created this site because I am what you call a cheerleading enthusiast.  I have been involved in cheerleading for over 20 years as a participant, a coach, instructor, event organizer, competition judge, guest speaker, etc.  I have a lot of thoughts and opinions when it comes to the subject of cheerleading and know a lot of other people do too.  I hope that this site will be a useful place for people to come and exchange their ideas and experiences.

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  1. Romeo M. Lopez Says:

    I have really enjoyed reading your posts. It’s refreshing that everything that you have put up is simple and to the point. Thanks for keep it simple “_____.” I too, have been involved in cheerleading for a while now in just about every aspect. I now coach in “deep” south Texas. Way past San Antonio and right before you cross into Mexico. Keep up the great posts


    • Thanks Romeo!
      The challenge I’ve had in my posts has been to keep them relatively short. I could have gone on for 10 pages about the roundoff but really had to limit myself to things that I thought would be the easiest to understand in text and the most impactful. Hopefully, if anyone wants more detail about any articles they will ask for it in a comment.
      Best of luck with your team(s) down in Texas. Lot’s of great cheerleading in your part of the country! 🙂

  2. Romeo M. Lopez Says:

    What are your thoughts on being the best around? I have noticed a trend in some all star gyms claiming they are the best in the state and even nation when they compete in a division of TWO or even just them, yet they have the “gusto” to preach that they are the best! I believe to be the best you have to compete against the best ALL THE TIME! does the phrase “paper-champion” sound familiar?

    • Good topic. I was planning on doing an entire article on the subject of priorities for all star gyms. I am also interested in the topic of competitions and titles that are awarded when there is not necessarily the highest level of competition and/or number of teams to compete against. I think I’ll try to touch on that in the next article rather than have a lengthy reply. But nice comment, please keep them coming!

  3. Kathy Says:

    I really appreciate this blog, I cheered in high school up to Junior year (one year on all-stars) and now I’ve picked it up club cheer as a Freshmen in college because I never stopped loving it! Back then, it was hard to find information on mental blocks and just tumbling in general. I’m so glad that now 2 years later I have found a reliable and knowledgeable person! It’ll really help me trying to get back into tumbling.

  4. Emily Rose Says:

    Hi I have been on Varsity cheer for 2 years now, I was on All-Star cheer for 4 years until 6th grade and am now on Iowa Elite. This winter my high school cheer is offering a co-ed stunt team/competition team and I would like to get better at flying. I am on birth control for medical reasons and am on cholesterol medicine and have been fighting my weight. I am an elite gymnast 5′ 4″ and at 140 I would like to weigh closer to 120-125 and maintain my weight. What can I do?? All your other posts have been so helpful. Btw, I would like to keep my muscle so I can still tumble, just cut the extra fat off my inner thighs and lower tummy.

    • Kathy, thanks for your post. First, and most importantly, you need to determine what your healthy weight is. At 5’4 and muscular, 140 could be where you need to be.

      Next, it’s important to remember that there some things not everyone has been born to do at the highest level. A 5’9 guy is never going to play quarterback in the NFL. Just like that, not every girl has the right genetics to be a coed flyer.

      Having said all of that, if you’re determined to drop a few pounds and feel your body can be healthy at 15 pounds lighter, the answer is like a standing tuck; it’s simple but hard. It comes down to discipline. First you need to eat lots of veggies and lean protien. You need to cut down bread, sugar and starch. The hard part is you need to keep this going year round if you are trying to stay in absolute peak form.

      On the exercise side, I suggest looking into Crossfit training. If you don’t know what that is, google it. It is a form of conditioning that build explosive power in your muscles AND burns massive calories. It’s a perfect combination for tumbling.

      But be careful about your overall health. Cheerleading is going to end one day for everyone. Don’t hurt yourself by trying to hang on to something if doing so could hurt you in the long run.

  5. Emily Rose Says:

    how do i know the difference in lean proteins?

    • cheerleadingdaily Says:

      Lean proteins are lower in fat. Things like chicken and fish are usually lean. Most pork products are higher in fat. Avoid bacon, peperoni and anything that is greasy. Having said all of that, I’m more about training hard than about restrictive diets. If you break a sweat hard enough every day you can tone up and still indulge in yummy food from time to time.

  6. Cheer Mixes Says:

    Cool site! I actually used to make cheer mixes for our squad back in high school. This site reminds me of those days a lot.

  7. Published excerpts of your stunt safety article on streetiam dot com
    it is in the Street Sport Section bottom of front page

  8. Diane Wilson Says:

    Hi, I am a JV high school cheerleader and I so desperately want and need to be moved up. I am working on hyper extending my jumps and sticking my standing backhandspring. I am having trouble stretching out my backhandspring so when my hands touching the floor I am in a handstand position which is hard on my shoulders and I face plant. I have been working on my back handspring for 7 months now and I want to be able to do it by myself in the next couple weeks especially when my tumbling coach has said that I can do it. It’s just when he just takes he finger away, I mess up. Do you have any tips for my backhandspring, jumps, or on how to get moved up?

  9. Hilton Says:

    Please, please…. start blogging again – really useful site, miss the new updates….

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